• Sam Rahim

What Success Means to Us

A degree, a new promotion and job title, a big house, a nice car, the newest technology, 5-year plans; all of these things represent what we’ve been taught to define as success. In the early stages of forming Onism, we sat down to discuss if our personal values would be the right fit to become the foundation of a brand that we truly believed in. Without values, we’d only be a company that is driven by profits, not inspiration. Our values revolve around taking steps as big or small as necessary, redefining what success is, and being as transparent, kind and empathetic that we can be.

Across the country and world, our lives have been stopped by a virus that’s taken the souls of so many, the jobs of thousands, and have forced many people to finally slow down. We live a lifestyle that glorifies the “what’s next?” of life, the “well, what about after that?”, and the 5-year plans that we’re told are necessary to build success. For us at Onism, we’ve reevaluated the way we’re approaching life. We’re going to build towards the things we want and are most passionate about; but, if the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that we can only live for today. We are no longer willing to settle for a life that bases happiness off of achieving goals that are far away. Instead, we’re committed to living a life that is grounded in finding happiness in our everyday processes. We believe that good things don’t come to those who wait, but to those who do.

With these core values in mind, we started to ask questions that always led back to one major theme: why do we attribute success solely to the societal milestones we reach, and the material items we purchase? To become successful, we’ve been taught that we must “work hard, eat s*** and sacrifice” parts of our life to reach these long-term milestones of success. While hard work, eating s*** and sacrifice are all part of our journeys towards something better, we don’t think life should only be celebrated when we achieve something big. Too often, many of us are working towards goals that aren’t ours, and goals that we don’t even know if we want.

Our philosophy revolves around approaching success through one simple metric -- happiness. Happiness is relative and can only be measured by you. The empowering nature of that statement was enough for us to build a company around it. We’re no longer going to measure our success based off of the items, money or titles we’re told we should have; but, by our own metric -- happiness.

When we begin to measure success through our own happiness, we release the ambition, creativity and momentum that’s rooted in all of us. Amidst a global pandemic, we think it’s fair for all of us to ask questions in relation to the paths that we’ve decided to go down. Outside of satisfying our basic needs, am I happy doing what I do each day? Am I happy with the long term goals I’m working towards? More than anything, we hope you say yes. However, like us, we think some of you will have the same realizations we did -- we want a different path.

We believe in making changes as big or small as necessary in order to find happiness in our everyday processes. When we’re doing work that inspires us to be our best each day, the “hard work, eating s*** and sacrifices” turn into gratitude for the opportunities, within our definitions of success vs. happiness, that we’re creating for ourselves.

At Onism, we strive to be more than just good coffee -- we strive to be a way of life.

It’s #TimeForToday.


Sam Rahim, Founder