• Sam Rahim

Momentum: The Story Behind Our Signature Blend

Each day, I woke up without any good reason to force myself out of bed. 15 minutes of iPhone scrolling would quickly turn into an hour. Without exaggeration, the only reason I’d get out of bed was to get my coffee fix. I had no routine, wasn’t working on anything meaningful, and the unemployed nightmare I was living in had no end in sight.

I needed a shift in mentality and perspective -- but, how? For years, I had taken failure and losses in life in stride, and always took pride in the small wins that helped me get closer to my goals. But, this new life made me forget that, and made me forget what I was capable of. One day, I decided that I was going to start every single morning on my own terms, and with three essential small wins:

  1. Wake up to my first alarm, and don’t press snooze

  2. Open the curtains and make my bed

  3. Make a cup of coffee

As simple as these sound, these three small wins helped me build momentum going into each day. I became obsessed with what momentum can do for our mental health and well-being. By setting goals that aren’t intimidating and encouraging good habit retention, I was able to use my small wins as building blocks. Each day, I felt more confident in my abilities to get things done -- slowly but surely and step-by-step.

Before I knew it, I was working on building this company. The ideas had always been present in my mind, but I never felt like I knew how to get the ideas into words, and more importantly, into action. Each week, I was adding additional items to my mornings of small wins, and I wasn’t even conscious about it. The three foundational small wins were the only expectation I had of myself, and releasing myself from negative expectations allowed momentum to carry me through the rest of my mornings, and ultimately, my days.

Momentum became this pillar within me, and I felt like it gave me the freedom to make efforts to be better to the people in my life. After having a taste of what that feeling can give me, I wanted to create a product and company that helps people find their own variation and definition of momentum.

I’d be lying if I said that momentum stays forever -- it doesn’t. Momentum comes and goes, but by appreciating the small wins we’re all capable of achieving each day, we have a better chance to re-enter that state of mind. At Onism, our entire ideology about life revolves around building upon our momentum.

When we have momentum, we’re only one step away from starting to build something meaningful.

- Sam Rahim, Founder