• Sam Rahim

It's Time.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

It’s finally time for today. This day. After months of working to develop great products, a strategy that’s intentional and caters to what I believe in -- and everything in between -- today, I launch my first startup. This is Onism Coffee Co. We’re a startup that roasts high quality coffee and want to redefine what our role as a coffee company can be. We were created through collaboration, and will look to collaborate with our community each step of the way. This is how we got started.

With COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and an indefinite furlough from my corporate job in Los Angeles, there were only a few things in my life that I felt like I could look forward to and control. At the end of a day, one full of emptiness or one full of a random DIY project, I was always excited for my cup of coffee the next morning. It was the one thing to look forward to. During a time when the world stopped, I decided to stop and reevaluate with it. I stopped spending my days thinking about what tomorrow and next year could bring, and finally decided it was my time to take action and do.

With a foundation in tourism and a life that’s been built through my work in travel, there aren’t many things in this life that can replace something that feels as global and interconnected as tourism. Well, that’s what I thought, until I started to look right in front of me. During a time where we can’t safely travel, coffee transcends cultures around the world and provides a commonality amongst us all. It’s a way for us to begin or continue our day; a way to fuel some sort of inspiration. When I was searching for that feeling that travel & tourism gives me -- it was already in my cup, and it was a natural fit.

After working through the early stages of our coffee roasting company, our foundation became clear immediately. We value freshness, high quality beans and roasting techniques, and most of all, simplicity. Our fresh coffee is roasted in small batches and sustainably sourced through our great relationships. The day that we roast your coffee is the day that we send it out to you.

Buzzwords aren’t our thing -- instead, we like to show you who we are. We don’t identify as artisanal, craft or specialty; we simply identify as a brand that roasts great coffee, and want to help people transition to a life where they can drink better coffee everyday. Too often, we find ourselves intimidated by “fancy” coffee and all of the complicated brewing techniques that it can entail. In our ideology of coffee, we want ours to be great across all brewing techniques, both complex and simple. Whatever you have on hand: a french press, a standard coffee pot, some sort of pour over apparatus, or even just a coffee filter and some hot water -- if it’s good for you, it’s good for us. Good coffee shouldn’t be complicated, unless you want it to be.

Onism represents the concept that we can only be in one place, one moment, and one body at a time. We make this coffee to give you that feeling -- it’s that same feeling that brought our coffee into your mug. We created our coffee to help inspire people to move forward today -- one step at a time, slowly but surely, sometimes smoothly and sometimes not.

Our brand is made for the people who do. From the small, daily mundane tasks to the adventure of your life, this coffee is for you.

Stop daydreaming about tomorrow -- it’s time for today.

- Sam Rahim, Founder