Our Story

Cold Coffee

The Onism Experience

How we started

With a foundation in tourism and a life that’s been built through working in travel, there aren’t many things in this life that can replace something that feels as global and interconnected as tourism. Well, that’s what we thought, until we started to look right in front of us.


During a time where the rest of the world feels so far away and we can’t safely travel, coffee transcends cultures around the world and provides a commonality amongst us all. It’s a way for us to begin or continue our day; a way to fuel some sort of inspiration. When we were searching for that feeling that travel & tourism gives us -- it was already in our cup, and it was a natural fit. Onism Coffee Co. was born. 


Our values

Onism represents the concept that we can only be in one place, one moment, and one body at a time. We make this coffee to give you that feeling -- it’s that same feeling that brought our coffee into your mug. We created our coffee to help inspire people to move forward today -- one step at a time, slowly but surely, sometimes smoothly and sometimes not. 

Our brand is made for the people who do. From the small, daily mundane tasks to the adventure of your life, this coffee is for you.

Founded on collaboration

 If we have learned anything throughout the creation of the company, we’ve learned that building something great requires the creative minds of many. Each one of us involved in Onism brings our own unique life experiences, perspectives and opinions. However, we’re all solidified by great cups of coffee -- and more importantly, the values that Onism represents. Meet our collaborators.